Seminar: No silver bullets: Reducing aid dependency in Afghanistan


fredag 20. april 2012, kl. 09:00

Sal: Berner-kjelleren

Arrangør: Afghanistankomiteen i Norge (AiN)

Inngang: Billett

Afghanistan is under pressure to reduce its dependency on aid by developing an export-oriented agriculture and e xtracting its vast mineral resources. Can export-oriented agriculture be sustainable in Afghanistan? Is the country ready to reap the profits of its natural resources to the benefit of its people?
Aktuelt/ torsdag 29.mars 2012
Reducing aid dependency in Afghanistan: No silver bullets
Seminar 20th April, Litteraturhuset in Oslo 09:00-16:00


Part I Agriculture and mining: Engines for economic development?
09.00-09.10 Opening statement by Eric Ramirez-Ferrero, phd, acting secretary general, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee

09.10-09.40 Mineral resources in Afghanistan: Actors and resources, Arne Strand, phd, Deputy Director and Research Director at Chr. Michelsens Institute

09.40-10.00 Agriculture: Potential for economic development, GrySynnevåg, phd, Head of Department of International Environmental and Development Studies, Noragric

10.00-10.30 Putting all of our blooms in one basket? Overcoming fledgling market access for saffron growers and entrepreneurs in Herat province, Jennifer McCarthy, phd, Programme Officer Afghanistan and Pakistan, CAFOD

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.00 Environmental impact of copper and gold extraction, BerntRøsholt, geologist consultant

11.15-11.30 Lessons learned: China in Africa, Helene Bank, Welfare state

11.30-12.30 DEBATE: Is Afghanistan in a position to reap the profits of its natural resources to the benefit of its people?
Panel: Arne Strand, GrySynnevåg, Jennifer McCarthy
Moderator: Helene Bank

12.30-13.15 LUNCH

Part II: Companies, Civil Society and the State
13.15-13.30 Lessons learned: Social movements in Latin America, Heidi Lundeberg, director, Latin America Groups
13.30-14.00 Transparency efforts in Afghanistan, Bashir Khan, National Coordinator, Head of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan

14.00-14.30 The role and challenges of the Afghan government, JavedNoorani, Extractive Industries Monitoring Manager, Integrity Watch Afghanistan

14.30-15.00 The role and challenges of civil society, Eleanor Nichol, analyst, Global Witness
15.00-16.00 DEBATE: How can Norwegian goverment and civil society actors best support transparency and social justice initiatives in Afghanistan?
Panel: JavedNoorani, Bashir Khan, Eleanor Nichol, Geir Ytreland (Norad/Oil for development)
Moderator: Jane Vogt Evensen (Norwegian Church Aid)
The program may be subject to minor changes.