The Diversity Debate: Facts, Fiction and Fantasy


fredag 28. oktober 2011, kl. 10:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: British Council and IMDi

Inngang: Gratis

Leading theorists, practitioners and politicians will gather in Oslo for two days of vigorous debate on the most important topic today: how we live together in our progressively diverse societies. Life in Europe is increasingly affected by narratives of social cohesion, assimilation, integration and pluralism. And while some celebrate this diversity, others claim that clashes between civilisations occur daily and are inevitable.

The Diversity Debate will focus on the legacy of past policies and contemporary policies, practices and contexts. From the current state of fiscal turmoil, recent violent events in Norway and the UK, and real and imagined community tensions, The Debate will provide breadth, depth and valuable insight into diversity issues. It will also address critical questions of how new, useful, narratives may be developed that relate to our pluralistic communities.

Free admission. Please note this event require registration. See programme website for further details: or

The working language for this event will be English.