The Evolution of Integral Spirituality


With Terry Patten

torsdag 11. september 2014, kl. 18:30

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Integralt Forum

Inngang: Billett

Many people are discovering a new spirituality on the other side of atheism. It stands free of the «old» religions (which is why so many people describe themselves as «spiritual but not religious»), and yet it affirms many of the insights of the great mystics of the past. There are those who believe that in the synthesis of these insights are the seeds of an evolutionary leap in spirituality. Is this a utopian dream – or is there evidence for it naturally appearing? Either way, what is happening for us culturally, right now? How can we come together in the spiritual inquiry of our time, in a way that contributes to the evolution of consciousness and culture?

We will attempt to move between lecture and experiential exercises in a way that gives us a taste of what it might feel like to participate in a «higher» or more enlightened «We-space» of shared consciousness.

About Terry Patten:
Terry has worked with Ken Wilber and Integral Institute since 2004, and has hosted many of the primary gatherings of the international integral community. He was the senior writer, with Ken, of the book Integral Life Practice. He created the acclaimed 8-session online course Integral Spiritual Practice. He hosts the acclaimed online teleseminar series Beyond Awakening: The Future of Spiritual Practice. He is the founder of Bay Area Integral. He has taught at Notre Dame and Columbia Universities and is on the faculty of Meridian University. Terry is committed to the development of Integral Spirituality in Europe.