The Hope for Humanism


Within the West, Beyond the West (Day 1)

lørdag 29. mai 2010, kl. 09:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Fritt Ord og The New York Review of Books

Inngang: Gratis


09.00 Arrival and Registration

09.45 Welcoming Remarks 
Francis Sejersted: ‘Human Values in Scandinavia’ 

10.00 Education and Humanist Values 
Andrew Delbanco: ‘Education: For Whom? For What?’
Ingrid Rowland: ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’
Lars Løvlie: ‘The Promise of Education’
Chair: Robert Silvers

11.30 Break

12.00 Technology, Work, and Skill 
Richard Sennett: ‘Good Work’
Simon Head: ‘Towards a New Industrialism?’
Michael Massing: ‘Technology, Ideas and Power: From Gutenberg to the Huffington Post’
Chair: Ole Hanseth

13.30 Lunch Break

15.00 Health Care: Transatlantic Models
Marcia Angell: ‘Overhauling US Health Care: Faith Based Reform’
Arnold Relman: ‘The US Health Care System: Medical Care as a Commodity’
Charlotte Haug: ‘Healthcare systems: Same problems, different solutions’
Chair: Sissel Rogne

16.30 Break

17.00 Keynote Address
Robert Darnton: ‘Old Books and E-Books’
Chair and Introduction: Robert Silvers 

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