The Missing «Peaces»:


Challenges of the Global North's Peace Agenda

torsdag 30. oktober 2014, kl. 09:30

Sal: Kverneland

Arrangør: The Church of Norways Council on Ecumenical and International Relations (Mellomkirkelig råd) & The Karibu Foundation

Inngang: Gratis

Norway, together with many other nations, is committed to an international peace and development-agenda through a series of approaches, ranging from humanitarian intervention and military support in Iraq, to supporting peace negotiations in Sudan and being a facilitator for peace negotiations in other countries, providing humanitarian assistance in crisis areas, to supporting projects aimed at strengthening the respect for human rights and the development of stronger democracies. In this ‘loose alliance’ of countries of the global North, Norway is a self-proclaimed “humanitarian superpower” and «peace broker».

All this may be good, and often is, but we also hear about the limitations, wrong priorities or unintended consequences of these engagements.

In this seminar we want to ask some representatives from different countries and backgrounds of the global South to reflect on how this international peace and development agenda is perceived in the countries it is attempted implemented.

What are the limitations and possible harmful sides to this type of engagement? Which areas are not focused on, but deserves more attention? What is missing and what should be done differently as seen from their position? Is Norway, together with the other actors of the global North, truly an instrument for peace and development, or does our involvement ultimately serve other purposes or result in other outcomes?

To assist us in this analysis, we have invited some different people to reflect critically on the above listed questions and also to use their communities, countries and regions as the point of orientation, including:

Michel Nseir: World Council of Churches, Lebanon/Switzerland
Beverly Keene: Jubliee South, Argentina
Kolade Fadahunsi: Kairos Nigeria, Nigeria
Nadia Al-Baghdady: Iraqi Social Forum, Iraq

The seminar will be conducted in English, and will be led by Tyler Dale Hauger of the Karibu Foundation.

The seminar coordinated by the Church of Norways Council on Ecumenical and International Relations (Mellomkirkelig råd) & The Karibu Foundation.

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