The transgenerational effects of trauma


Work shop

lørdag 28. januar 2012, kl. 10:00

Sal: Skram (2. et)

Arrangør: Hellinger Instituttet i Norge

Inngang: Billett

Title for the workshop:
The transgenerational effects of trauma – how constellation work can help to understand and to step out

Abstract for the workshop
The constellation method can help to make transgenerational psychological effects visible that result form trauma. It clearly shows how in bonding processes the feelings of the one person become the feelings of the other. If you don’t know and understand that many terrible feelings that are inside you in the end not really are your own feelings but result from your mother’s or grandmother’s or even great-grandmothers trauma experiences; than maybe you are struggling all your lifetime to cope with them with no success. One important challenge for psychotherapy is to find new ways out from the symbiotic entanglement with the trauma feelings of our parents. With the type of constellation work, “the constellation of the intention”, Prof. Ruppert has created a new tool to cope with the challenges of a symbiotic trauma step by step.
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Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, born 1957 in Germany, 1982 Diploma in Psychology, 1984 Ph.D. in Psychology, since 1992 Professor for Psychology at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Since 1994 working with family constellations and holding workshops in different countries all over the world (England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Brasil, China). Main publication in English: Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellation (2008), Splits in the Soul (2011) and Symbiosis and Autonomy published by Frome/UK: Green Balloon Publishing. At the lecture in January 2012 his book “Symbiosis and Autonomy” will be presented in an Norwegian edition.