Unge og usynligeFoto: Anne Elisabeth Næss

Young and invisible


When mom or dad has dementia

tirsdag 19. mars 2019, kl. 18:00 til kl. 20:30

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen

Inngang: Gratis

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What do you do when one of your parents starts to behave differently? How to find out if it can be dementia? And what exactly is dementia? What are the consequences of having a dementia diagnosis for the family and for you as a youth?

We have assembled a bunch of subject experts who will talk about these topics. You also meet Hilde Nøis, a young relative who talks about what it is like to have a father with dementia.


Anne Rita Øksengård, physician and research leader in the National Association for Public Health
Per Kristian Haugen, psychologist
Anne Kari Hoel, psychologist
Hilde Nøis, relatives / young peers

The event is held with the support of the ExtraStiftelsen.