UTSATT Universality of Art (Marbling)


as a means of Dialogue

mandag 26. oktober 2015, kl. 18:00

Sal: Berner-kjelleren

Arrangør: Mangfoldhuset

Inngang: Gratis


Marbling or Ebru is painting on the water. It is an art that reflects the nature and substance of beings. Every shape and form may look unique but at the same time similar to each other in many ways; just like the human beings.

It is an ancient abstract art that has a therapeutic power. The artist uses handmade paints, the raw materials that do not dissolve in water. The water that forms the painting surface needs to be dense and this is done through a special gum diluted in water. The paints are dropped in an uncontrolled manner onto the surface of diluted water shaping the drops into designs and abstract images that appear as world of colors and pleasure. In the process of learning to create a shape, striving to find the best form, is like a start of searching for one’s mystery. Struggling to perfect the shape, color and form has an impact on perfecting our manners enabling one lead a happier and more peaceful life.

The program:
The program starts with a performance of a piece of sufi music. After the musical performance the artist will be announced to introduce the instruments being used to create the art of marbling and to talk about the background and philosophy of it. Then, artist demonstrates a few samples by explaining it at the same time. After that she will invite volunteers from the audience to try design something by the help of the artist. At the end, she will show other drawings and sign them if anyone would like to buy.