A threat to academic freedom is a threat to women’s rights



Thursday 15. November 2018, 08:30 until 10:00

Venue: Kverneland


Entrance: Free entry


In Hungary, the authorities have recently banned gender studies. There is now a growing concern for the violation of fields of study that challenge the ideology of right-wing populist governments. Globally, an increasing number of states attack democratic values such as freedom of expression and researchers’ possibility to do autonomous research. These regimes all want to restore conservative family ideologies, and consequently diminish women’s rights and the development towards gender equality.

In this seminar, we invite scholars, civil society representatives and academic institutions to discuss these international challenges, as well as Norway’s role and responsibility as co-operating and funding stakeholders.

We ask:

– What is happening to academic freedom and gender studies in Europe now?
– What is the global situation concerning academic freedom, funding of research and the possibility to run autonomous research institutions?
– Why is academic freedom crucial to the protection of and strengthening of gender equality and women’s rights?
– What responsibility do research institutions cooperating within countries opposing researchers’ autonomy have?
– What is the responsibility of funding bodies, such as the Research Council of Norway, to support and strengthen critical gender research in co-operating countries?


8.00: Breakfast

8.30: A threat to academic freedom is a threat to women’s rights: Seminar on the current state of gender research in Europe and beyond

ANDREA PETÖ, Professor at the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

BENEDICTE BULL, Professor at SUM Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo

Panel discussion
– Gro Lindstad, Executive director FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development
– Kristin Danielsen, Executive Director for Internationalization, The Research Council of Norway
– Mari Sundli Tveit, Rector, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Leader of the Board, Universities Norway (UHR)
– Andrea Petö
– Benedicte Bull
– Moderator: Mari Lilleslåtten, journalist Kilden genderresearch.no


Read more: http://kjonnsforskning.no/en/threat-academic-freedom-threat-womens-rights

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