Bobs JamaicaFoto: Jeffrey Skemp
Central America and the Caribbean

Bob’s Jamaica


Marlon James and Peter Fröberg Idling

Friday 14. September 2018, 18:00 until 19:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: Free entry

In 1976, seven people tried to kill Bob Marley, who at the time enjoyed an iconic status not only in Jamaica, but all over the world. In Marlon James’s Booker Prize winning novel A Brief History of Seven Killings, this event creates the backdrop for a story about modern Jamaica, power struggles, the CIA, gangs and the nature of violence.

The story is woven together by more than 75 different characters and voices, ranging from reggae slang and patois to American sociolects straight out of an action movie. The Norwegian translation, out this fall, has seen no less than twelve renowned writers and translators at work, among them Torgrim Eggem, Lars Ramslie, Nina Lykke and Gro Dahle. Marlon James is currently working on a fantasy trilogy based in African mythology. Will this project call for equally many transaltors?

Peter Fröberg Idling has also brought historical material into his writing, in both novel and non-fiction form.  He will meet Marlon James in conversation.

Saturday, September 15, Marlon James will also meet Eduardo Halfon and Ane Farsethås in conversation about language, identity, history and literature from Central America and the Caribbean.