Mellom istideneFoto: Per Jordhøy

Between the ice ages


A seminar on Europe’s last wild reindeer

Tuesday 21. February 2023, 10:30 until 15:30

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Bevar Dovrefjell Mellom Istidene

Entrance: Registration Kr 50,-/250,-

In 2021, the wild reindeer was included in the Global Species Databanks red list of endangered wildlife. The wild reindeer’s habitat is constantly deteriorating through disruptive, building and development activities. We must find a way to reverse this worrying trend.

The goal of the seminar is to exchange knowledge and information, to enlighten the debate on how we can ensure the survival of this species.

The seminar is open for all payment  50 NOK entrance. If you would like lunch and coffee, a payment of 250 NOK can be made prior to February 15. Mark payment “Villrein 2023”, to account 9365.19.94142 or Vipps #551769.

The seminar will be held in Norwegian.