Kropper som grenserFoto: Antoine Tempe

Bodies as Borders


Oslo-foredragene av Achille Mbembe

Friday 13. September 2019, 18:00 until Saturday 14. September 2019, 15:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: 50,- NOK for each lecture

Prices: 50,-

Since the English publication of On the postcolony in 2001, Achille Mbembe (b. 1957 in Cameroon) has been among the most influential and controversial philosophers and social theorists of our time, a position that was further established with his Critique of Black Reason in 2017.

This fall, Mbembe, who is Professor at Johannesburg University of Witsvatersrand, will visit Litteraturhuset to give three original lectures. In this series he will examine how we may share a disintegrating world sustainably and equitably across bodies and borders.

Starting from the premise that our planet’s life-support system has been severely damaged by human activities and is in dire need for repair, Mbembe asks: How should we inhabit this planet anew, and share it equitably? How should we re-member it as an integrated system for humans and non-humans alike?
In reflecting on how we should relate to this disintegrating world, Mbembe will examine the role of borders. Who has the right to move around the planet and who is authorized to claim such a right? What can a sustainable politics for the future look like?

Mbembe will give three lectures:

September 13, 6pm: Bodies as Borders

September 14, noon: People and Objects: The Right to Mobility

September 14, 2pm: A World Without Borders?

The lectures will be in English. Duration: About one hour for each lecture.