Frokostmøte om nye områder for havvind

Breakfast Meeting on New Areas for Offshore Wind


Wednesday 19. April 2023, 09:00 until 10:30

Venue: Skram

Host: Norwegian Offshore Wind

Entrance: Gratis - påmelding

We are launching potential areas for offshore wind projects!


By the end of April, NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) will publish its report on new areas suitable for offshore wind in Norway. This will lay the ground for where the next tenders will be announced.


Norwegian Offshore Wind has, together with Source Galileio, Hafslund, Deep Wind Offshore and Equinor, engaged Multiconsult to do a mapping of potential areas for offshore wind and create a factual data platform identifying the best suited areas for both floating and bottom fixed offshore wind along the Norwegian coast. This will ensure a better understanding where good coexistence is most likely. It will also contribute to factual and reasoned input to the further discussion.


During the event, Multiconsult will present the results from the mapping and analysis, and the factual data platform. In addition, some of the partners will show how they have already started to use and take advantage of the mapping tool and data.


*NB: This event will be in Norwegian