Conversation with the Rafto Prize Recipients 1

Conversation with the Rafto Prize Recipients


Tuesday 16. November 2021, 19:00 until 20:30

Venue: Skram

Host: Raftostiftelsens Oslogruppe

Entrance: Free entry

On Tuesday 16 November, Rafto Laureates HRDAG will come to the House of Literature in Oslo to talk about their work.

HRDAG received the Rafto Prize 2021 for their work in documenting extensive violations of human rights. Using statistics and computer science, HRDAG has uncovered human rights violations on a large scale which could otherwise have remained unknown. Their approach enables courts to bring perpetrators to justice and provides answers to affected victims and their families. HRDAG represents a new generation of human rights defenders who strengthen the enforcement of human rights globally.

In a panel discussion the recipients, together with Cecilie Hellestveit and Tore Wig, will discuss how the use of statistics and computer science can contribute to uncovering human rights violations. The discussion is led by Frode Elgesem.

We ask: Can numbers and statistics prevent human rights violations and help to secure fundamental rights globally?


Patrick Ball, Director of Research, HRDAG
Megan Price, Executive Director, HRDAG
Cecilie Hellestveit, Norwegian academic and author
Tore Wiig, Professor Policical Science, UiO
Frode Elgesem, Judge, Borgarting Court of Appeal and Chair of the Rafto Foundation.