Samhandling og det uforutsette 1

Interaction: ‘Samhandling’ under Risk


Booklaunch and miniseminar

Friday 21. September 2018, 12:00 until 15:00

Venue: Kjelleren - The Basement

Host: Cappelen Damm Akademisk og Forsvarets høgskole

Entrance: Free entrance. Registration upon arrival (opens at 11.30 AM)

How can we as a society prepare ourselves for the unforeseen, the events and threats at the outer reaches of what we have trained for?


LAUNCHING: The Scientific Anthology Interaction: ‘Samhandling’ under Risk – A Step Ahead of the Unforeseen (Ed. Professor Glenn-Egil Torgersen) elucidate new views and findings on crisis management and understanding of the unforeseen in society and learning processes by introducing the concept of ‘samhandling’, a Norwegian term that connotes interaction, collaboration and cooperation in one word.

The book is a result of a relatively large basic research and collaboration project with 32 prominent researchers from various research and education institutions in Norway, Sweden and Japan. The overall and leading research question has been: What are the basic structures of the concept of interaction under risk – and how can interaction be created when the conditions are unpredictable?

The research is reported in 28 chapters (550 pages), and has examples from most sectors. The book is therefore relevant to everyone working with emergency preparedness, crisis management and interaction (‘samhandling’), in all sectors and education, at all levels and perspectives, both practical, theoretical, strategic and political. The book is written in English and is available free of charge through Open Access, at Cappelen Damm Academic. Links to the book and other information will be provided on launch.

PROGRAM (12-15, opens at 11.30):

The launch will contain short presentations from the authors of some selected individual chapters, discussions and main conclusions. Lunch will be served from 11.30. The launch at Litteraturhuset will be held in Norwegian.

Welcome to the book launch and research-based mini seminar on ‘Samhandling’, Risk and the Unforeseen, on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, Friday September 21 2018.


The event is free and open to all but due to space constraints it will be “first come first served”. Registration on arrival (opens at 11.30).