Nervøse samfunn

Nervous societies


Democracies in Europe

Monday 8. April 2019, 17:00 until 20:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Ambassader fra EU-land

Entrance: Free with registration

In the year of Brexit and the election of the European parliament nervous vibes in Europe are increasing. In which political direction will the continent be moving? How will the EU and other European countries respond to global challenges such as climate change, migration or international conflicts? What role does new media play in the collaboration of European societies? How does Norway position itself in this environment? The Network of European Cultural Institutions EUNIC, the EU Delegation to Norway and ARENA-Center for European Studies address these questions together with international guests.

The event is going to be divided into two panels.

Panel 1: Democratic participation – anxious debates
• Kamzy Gunaratnam (Norway), Deputy Mayor of Oslo
• Karolina Zbytniewska (Poland), Editor-in-chief EurActiv Poland
• Yiorgos Chouliaras (Greece), Poet, author and translator
• Moderator: Asimina Michailidou (Greece), Senior researcher at ARENA, UiO

Panel 2: European democracy in motion
• Christopher Lord (UK), Professor at ARENA, UiO
• Ignacio Molina (Spain), Senior analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute
• Marie Rosenkranz (Germany), European Democracy Lab Berlin
• Moderator: Vera Sofie Skjetne (Norway), MA student at ARENA, UiO

After the discussion there will be a reception with wine and finger-food to reflect the evening.

EUNIC – European Union National Institutes for Culture is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes, with 36 members from all 28 EU member states. EUNIC members join together in over 100 clusters worldwide to collaborate on common projects. EUNIC’s mission is to build trust and understanding between the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world through culture.

Picture of Marie Rosenkranz © Polis 180