Besatt av Dick 1Illustrasjoner fra "I love Dick", bearbeidet av Gladesigner

Obsessed With Dick


Chris Kraus og Ane Farsethås

Sunday 20. August 2017, 18:00 until 19:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: Billettsalg

Prices: Ordinær 90,-Student 60,-

Oppdatert Tuesday 08. May 2018, kl. 16:13


I denne episoden kan du høre en samtale mellom den amerikanske forfatteren Chris Kraus og Morgenbladets kulturredaktør Ane Farsethås. Samtalen fant sted 20. august 2017.

A feminist guerilla text, a hyperconcious meta novel, scandalous confessional writing and a study in heterosexual romance. 20 years after its publication, Chris Kraus‘s semi-autobiographical cult book I Love Dick has won a new generation of readers, and earlier this year, the book was published in Norwegian, in Knut Ofstad’s translation.

The novel’s Chris and her husband, Sylvère have dinner with the American cultural critic Dick – “nice, but not particularly intimate or memorable”, according to Dick. In Chris, however, the meeting triggers an obsession, which manifests through numerous letters and calls to Dick. For Sylvère, the letter writing is a game, invigorating both Chris and their relationship more than in a long time, but for Chris, the nonrequited obsession marks the beginning of an uncompromising exploration of desire, love, power and autofiction, which is depicted in a direct, shameless and often hysterically funny way.
This year, I Love Dick was made in to a TV series by Jill Soloway. Taking a step back from the novel, she has given the story a contemporary setting, and the result is a both funny and hot TV series.

Chris Kraus is a filmmaker, cultural critic and the writer of a number of genre-bending essays and novels, such as Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor and Summer of Hate.

Meet Kraus in conversation with cultural editor of Morgenbladet, Ane Farsethås.

Following the conversation, there will be a free screening of the full TV series.