Oslo Tropical Forest Forum

Oslo Tropical Forest Forum


Meet leading advocates of the rainforest

Thursday 28. June 2018, 17:00 until 21:00

Venue: Wergeland, Kjelleren - The Basement, Nedjma, Kverneland og Skram

Host: Norad

Entrance: Free entry

This is a unique opportunity to meet leading advocates of the rainforest. Environmental defenders will tell their stories from working under threat from governments and companies. Furthermore, leading journalists and environmentalists will share their best stories about the rainforest.

New technology allows transparent access to forest information like never before. High resolution satellite imagery captures small changes and critical details in all the world’s forests. Real time forest monitoring enables a response to deforestation as it happens, rather than measurements after the culprits are long gone. Cloud computing power lets anyone access data and tools from their smartphones and personal computers.

Learn how three organizations, an NGO, the United Nations, and a California-based technology company are using these technological advances to empower people and help combat deforestation.

Global Forest Watch, FAOs SEPAL, and Planet invite you to drop by for a demonstration.

Free entry. Simple food will be served.

For full program and more information, visit the following Facebook-events: Naturvernforbundet and/or Regnskogfondet