Pivot to AfricaPhotocredit: AFP

Pivot to Africa


China's global ambitions

Monday 19. February 2018, 17:00 until 19:00

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Students' Initiative on Foreign Affairs

Entrance: Free entry

Over the past few decades, China’s rapid economic growth and expanding middle class have fueled an unprecedented need for resources. China has focused on securing the long-term energy supplies needed to sustain its industrialization, searching for secure access to oil supplies and other raw materials around the globe. As part of this effort, China has turned to Africa.

Sino-African export and imports have grown almost exponentially the last 10 years, and with continued Chinese investment, this trend is likely to continue.

What are the details of China’s “Pivot to Africa”? How does it affect the continent, and does its growing activities there raise questions about its noninterference policy? These are some of the question we will be discussing.

With us in the discussion, we are joined by Elling N. Tjønneland, Senior researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen, and Helge Rønning, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oslo.

The event will be held in English.