Rebuilding lives of forced migrants

Rebuilding lives of forced migrants



Tuesday 6. June 2023, 18:15 until 20:30

Venue: Skram

Host: ICJ Norge

Entrance: Gratis - ingen påmelding.

Welcome to this years most interesting seminar hosting prominent researchers and practitioners working daily on and in the humanitarian field both in Norway and in Middle East!

What happens with the migrants who doesn’t make it to our side of the world? Who meets them at the field once they have managed to escape their prosecutors? What does humanitarian workers do?

Join us in this one time happening event filled with impressions and information from prominent guests shedding light on humanitarianism, displacement, coordination with governments during emergency crisis and the development stage.

Place: Amalie Skram room at the Litteraturhuset, June 6th, doors opening from 17.15. Drink and light food will be served.

The panel:
– Humanitarian aid coordination, and the importance of the displaced person by Arne Strand – Political Scientist, Christer Michelsen Institute
– Rebuilding lives of returnees in Iraq by Ryosuke Teraoka – Regional head of UN-Habitat, Kurdistan, Iraq.
– Information, Counselling, and Legal Assistance services to displaced persons by Fernando de Medina Rosales – Global Information leader for counselling and legal assistance (ICLA), Norwegian Refugee Council
– ICLA services provided to refugees and internal displaced persons in Iraq by Charles Churchill Awici – ICLA Specialist Iraq, Norwegian Refugee Council

Followed by panel discussion and opening the floor to questions and answers.

Moderator: Bano Abdulrahman – Department of Refugees- and humanitarian aid, ICJ-Norway