Success won't make you happy, so what will?Foto: Maitreya

Success won’t make you happy, so what will?


Lecture by Maitreya

Tuesday 14. January 2020, 18:00 until 19:30

Venue: Kjelleren - The Basement

Host: The Brightpath Norway

Entrance: Tickets at the door

Prices: Standard 75,-

Maitreya, a modern-day monk and author of The Broker who Broke Free is sharing an ancient approach to happiness for ordinary people. You will hear about his journey from stressed-out stockbroker to peaceful, modern-day monk. After four brushes with death he stumbled across a mysterious group of monks who helped him find true contentment, with or without outer success.

“True freedom, happiness and contentment is real. It is found within, and it is waiting for you.”