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The Gospel of Lucy


Jamaica Kincaid and Ida Pallin Bostadløkken

Wednesday 15. March 2023, 19:00 until 20:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: Ticket

Prices: Ordinær 120,-Student 70,-

«Mariah reached out to me and, rubbing her hand against my cheek, said, ‘What a history you have.’ I thought there was a little bit of envy in her voice, and so I said, ‘You are welcome to it if you like.’»

In Lucy, a young woman travels from a Caribbean island to an American metropolis to work as an au pair for a wealthy family. Her new home offers culture shocks in the form of the new climate and city life, but also in the form of visible class differences and racism. Trapped in hierarchy and gender norms, Lucy feels isolated and alone, and must figure out how yet to grow as a person and live a meaningful life.

Jamaica Kincaid is one of the greatest authors of feminist and postcolonial literature of our time. In her handful of novels and a collection of short stories, she has portrayed themes such as structural racism, otherness and mother-daughter relationships with soberness and astonishing clarity. She has emerged as a favourite among readers and critics alike, and is increasingly mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Speaking with Kincaid will be journalist and feminist bookshop founder Ida Pallin Bostadløkken. She has devoured Kincaid’s works with eagerness and joy, and will meet her on our stage for a conversation on Lucy, identity and belonging.

The conversation will be held in English.