Angela Merkels innflytelse - før og nå

The Impact of Angela Merkel – Past and Present


Friday 24. May 2019, 12:00 until 14:00

Venue: Kjelleren - The Basement

Host: SIFA - Students' Initiative on Foreign Affairs

Entrance: Free entry

In October 2018, it was announced that German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not intend to seek re-election once her current term in office ends in 2021. Her leadership has over the course of 14 years come to represent stability and cooperation in a time that has become increasingly characterized by fragmentation and disorder, both internationally and within the EU.

Chancellor Merkel has been a leading figure on the political scene for a long time, and her departure will certainly mark the end of an era. Therefore, it seems an appropriate time to consider the impact that Chancellor Merkel has had upon the events and challenges that have emerged during her tenure, but also the challenges that awaits as Germany seeks to find new leadership for the future.

How has the CDU-SPD Coalition contributed to a change in the political landscape of Germany? What impact did Merkel have on the European Debt Crisis and the Refugee Crisis of 2015? How is Merkel perceived internationally and has that influenced her standing amongst other world leaders?

The Students’ Initiative on Foreign Affairs (SIFA) would, in order to shed some light on these issues, like to invite you to this debate on the impact of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We will be joined by three panellists that will share their knowledge and insights with us: Secretary General of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee, Kate Hansen BundtMarcus Hicken, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the German Embassy in Oslo, and Morgenbladet journalist and author of Tyskland Stiger Frem, Sten Inge Jørgensen.