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The Life Cycle of International Adjudication


Lecture by Prof. Laurence R. Helfer

Thursday 27. June 2019, 17:00 until 19:30

Venue: Skram

Host: PluriCourts

Entrance: Free entry

Professor Laurence R. Helfer of Duke University Law School will present a public lecture on “The Life Cycle of International Adjudication.” The lecture considers the evolution of international adjudication from a systemic perspective, drawing upon Helfer’s extensive research of more than twenty years on the authority and effectiveness of international courts and tribunals.  Illustrated with examples from adjudication at the global, regional, and sub-regional levels, the lecture will explore topics such as why states create international courts and tribunals; the decision-making tools available to judges, such as doctrines of empowerment and deference; the influence of external contexts on international adjudication; state responses to adjudication, including pushback, and backlash; and whether international courts and tribunals should adopt survival strategies in an era of diminished commitment to liberal internationalism.