Literature and freedom


With Firat Ceweri, Hashem Ahmadzadeh and Andreas Wiese

Thursday 14. April 2016, 17:00 until 18:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: Free entry

A Romeo and Juliet-like story from the late 1600s, Mem and Zin is considered the Kurds’ national epic, and one of the highlights of a literary tradition stretching 1200 years back in time, with many parallels found in Arabic and Persian

What are the characteristics of Kurdish literature, apart from the prominent position of poetry and an oral tradition? In recent times, the Kurdish language has been banned for long periods, and writers have been subjected to strict censorship. How has this affected the literature? How has the literature being written been fuel to the fi re in the Kurdish struggle for liberation?

Author Firat Ceweri and scholar Hashem Ahmadzadeh meets Andreas Wiese from the House of Literature in a conversation about Kurdish literature past and present.

PLEASE NOTE: Kawa Nemir and Choman Hardi, who were previously announced as participants in this program unfortunately had to cancel due to personal reasons.

The talk will be in Norwegian and Swedish.