Trump, de nykonservative og USAs politikk overfor Latin-Amerika

Trump, the Neoconservatives and US Policy towards Latin America


Monday 11. December 2017, 14:00 until 16:00

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Norsk nettverk for Latin-Amerika-forskning (NorLARNet)

Entrance: Free with registration

Open seminar with Jesus Velasco fra Tarleton State University (USA).

Neoconservatives have been the main architects of American foreign policy in the Republican Party since the early 1980s. They played a significant role in designing – and often implementing – US foreign policy during the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administration.  Since his presidential campaign, Donald Trump rejected neoconservative principles promoting a sort of isolations-populist foreign policy. The Trump perspective has generated considerable conflicts with the neoconservatives, and his international perspective is having a significant impact on US-Latin American relations.

The introductory speaker, Jesus Velasco from Tarleton State University (USA), earned a Ph.D. in Political Sciences at UT Austin (USA) and has been the Chairman of the Division of International Studies at the Center for Teaching and Research in Economics (CIDE) in Mexico City. In the USA he has worked at  Rice University,  Woodrow Wilson Center and Harvard University. He has published several books and a long list of articles on topics related to the subject of this seminar.


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