Exploring Art & Perpetrator Memory

Exploring Art & Perpetrator Memory


Exploring Art & Perpetrator Memory

Friday 20. October 2023, 09:30 until 16:00

Venue: Kverneland og Skram

Host: Falstadsenteret

Entrance: 400,- including lunch / 300,- before 20.9.

How do we deal with perpetrator spaces of the past? Can remembering atrocities foster creativity and community across generational and national borders? Which roles does art play in shaping perpetrator memory?

In collaboration with the memorials Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork and Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen, the Falstad Centre warmly welcome you to conversations on these questions in the 1-day symposium Exploring Art & Perpetrator Memory: Materiality, Creativity, & Belonging Across Borders at the Oslo Literature House on October 20 2023. The symposium delves into the ways in which art can contribute to understanding, processing, and addressing the complexities of perpetrator memory through tangible mediums, artistic expression, and community engagement.