Journalistikk i restriktive kontekster 1

Journalism in Restrictive Contexts


Discussion on the case of Iran

Thursday 27. April 2023, 18:00 until 20:00

Venue: Wergeland

Host: Banafsheh Ranji

Entrance: Free, with registration

The scholar, Banafsheh Ranji will present her first book, Journalistic Practices in Restrictive Contexts

A Sociological Approach to the Case of Iran.

Based on fieldwork conducted in Iran, this book discusses how it is possible for journalism to exist and function in a restrictive context. Beyond orientalism that views journalists in such settings either being repressed by the state’s use of coercion or functioning as the mouthpiece of the state, Banafsheh discusses the everyday reality of journalism in Iran. She presents concrete examples of how Iranian journalists navigate the daily “minefield” of their professional environment. Challenging the established discourse about journalism in Iran, the author sheds light on how we may think of critical journalism, professionalism, and journalistic power, and agency in restrictive contexts.

The event starts presenting the book by Banafsheh Ranji (Postdoctoral fellow, NTNU), and discussion on her experience as a former journalist in Iran, and a current scholar working in the Nordic academic context.

The event continues with a conversation by the following scholars:

Cristina Archetti, Professor in Political Communication and Journalism, University of Oslo. She will lead the conversation.

Kjetil Selvik, Research Professor, NUPI.

Helge Rønning, Professor emeritus, University of Oslo.

The event will be held in English. Attendance is free, but places are limited, please register here.

The event is sponsored by Fritt Ord.