Statens legitime rolle

Proper Role of Government


With Dr. Yaron Brook and Dr. Nikos Sotirakopolous

Friday 21. October 2022, 17:00 until 19:30

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Søren Jaabæk Instituttet

Entrance: Gratis - Påmelding

Why won’t the left go away?
The history of the left is a series of failures, blood, and misery. And yet, the left won’t go away. Particularly among young people, socialism is considered idealistic and trendy. Why is this the case? What would it take to defeat the left once and for all and send it to the dustbin of history? Dr. Nikos Sotirakopoulos’ lecture takes on these questions.

What is the proper role of government in a free society?
The size and scope of government has become one of the most contested issues in politics. What is government’s proper role? Should it focus on protecting individual rights and free markets? Or focus on promoting equality and solving society’s problems?

In this lecture, Dr. Yaron Brook addresses these questions, tackles whether or not unrestrained capitalism works, and discusses the proper role of government.

About The Søren Jaabæk Institute
The Søren Jaabæk Institute strives to lift voices advocating for individual liberty and promotes policy that reduces public cost and bureaucratic burden, consequential efforts that are quickly fading from the public debate. The institute carries the name of Søren Jaabæk, Norway’s longest serving Member of Parliament. Jaabæk’s tenure, lasting for almost the entire latter half of the 19th century, earned him a historic reputation as a staunch opponent of state spending and patronage. The Søren Jaabæk Institute aims to carry forward the voice of its namesake in a time such principles are needed more than ever.