Innspillsmøte om digital kompetanse

Public meeting on digital competence


Wednesday 14. June 2023, 09:00 until 12:00

Venue: Berner

Host: Medietilsynet

Entrance: Gratis påmelding

The Norwergian Media Authority is responsible for leading the work on a public action plan following the strategy for safe digital upbringing, “Rett på nett”, from 2021.

On the 14th June, Then Norwegian Media Authority invites you to an input meeting on digital competence. In this meeting we are seeking perspectives on challenges surrounding digital competence in children and young people, professional adults who work with children and parents/caregivers.

The National survey, Children and Media 2022, shows that from the age of 13, almost all Norwegian children are users of social media. The Ungdata-report from 2022 describes that 74% of Norwegian children have more than three hours daily screen time in addition to school. Large and important parts of young people’s lives take place online. Have professional adults working with children accepted this reality to a sufficient degree? How is training for digital competence handled in Norwegian schools? To what extent are public services succeeding in communicating effectively to parents about the challenges and opportunities children and young people encounter online?

The meeting will take place in Berner-kjelleren from 0900-1200 with light refreshments and lunch. The deadline for registration is 11th June. If you want to participate or have any questions, please contact