Shusenjo av Miki DezakiPhoto: Wikimedia Commons / Photo: Mike Dezaki



The main battleground of the comfort women issue

Monday 18. November 2019, at 19:00 until at 21:00

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Asianettverket og Oslo dokumentarkino

Entrance: Free entry

The “comfort women” issue is perhaps Japan’s most contentious present-day diplomatic quandary. Inside Japan, it is dividing the country across clear ideological lines. Supporters and detractors of “comfort women” are caught in a relentless battle over empirical evidence, the validity of oral testimony, the number of victims, the meaning of sexual slavery, and the definition of coercive recruitment.

In this ASIANET: fokus seminar we will show the acclaimed and award winning film Shusenjo. The director Miki Dezaki is present and will give a brief introduction to the film, while Professor Vladimir Tikhonov (UiO) will offer a historical contextualisation before the screening. After the film, Senior Lecturer Chiaki Nishijima (UiO) will moderate the Q&A and discussion with director Dezaki.


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