The Legacy of Colonialism


4. February 2023 - 11. March 2023

Host: Litteraturhuset

Entrance: Ticket

Debates about decolonization can seem both polarized and abstract, but for many, it is concrete and tangible.

For many, the reality is that remains of their ancestors and cultural artefacts from their nations are found in museums on the other side of the world, brought there by former colonizers.

Most of the countries on the African continent has a former colonizer’s language as their official language, and many children are reprimanded if they speak their mother tongue at school.

Here in Norway, we are mostly taught African history through the eyes of European “explorers”, but our view of Africa would likely be a different one if we knew more about the continent’s rich history.

In a series of events, we will examine the concrete traces of colonialism that still shape the societies we live in, and some of the central debates emerging from these traces. How does the legacy of colonialism affect people today?