Læreres livsverden i NepalBilde: Helen Margrete Voreland. Foto: Privat Bilde: Bhupendra Kumar KC. Foto: Privat

The Lifeworld of Nepalese Teachers


A foundation for development

Thursday 8. June 2023, 18:00 until 19:30

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Norge-Nepalforeningen

Entrance: Gratis - ingen påmelding

In this presentation we get a look into the significance of cultural insight as a foundation to understand basic perspectives for pedagogical work and school development in Nepal.

Helen Eikeland is associate professor in pedagogy at University of Agder. Eikeland’s insight into teachers life world in Nepal stems form her childhood and work through many years in the country. The dissertation presents teacher’s life stories in light of the cultural context. The work show clearly how western theory and approach is not suited as theoretical framework for insight into Nepali teachers understand of their life and work in the context. However, the dissertation show how cultural perspectives can aid understanding into how Nepali teachers act and argue within their mandate in the society.

 Bhupendra Kumar KC is university lecturer i pedagogy at Oslo Met University. He is born and raised in Nepal, and he har worked many years in Norway. He research diversity and inclusion in his doctorate.

The past 15 years Eikeland and KC have been involved in teacher training and school development work in Nepal.