Skram 2Foto: Kristin Svanæs-Soot



  • Size: 127m2

  • Floor: 2.etg

  • Capacity: 30 - 120stk


  • Standard price: 10200,-

  • With discount: 7000,-

  • All prices are ex. VAT

Skram (127 m2) is a medium-sized room on the first floor. It can fit 120 people in rows of chairs, 65 people seated at small rectangular tables, or 80 peoples at long tables.

In Skram, named after one of the most important Norwegian novelists, there is both a stage and a lectern, and the venue is frequently used for debates, conversations, and launches. This is also a room which is suitable for more formal occasions, with beautiful large windows with a view to both Parkveien and Wergelandsveien. The room has a projector and sound system.

For bigger events you can also book Skram in combination with Kverneland, which is on the same floor.


  • Rows of chairs: 120 Persons

  • Long tables: 80 Persons

  • Small tables and chairs: 120 Persons

  • : 34 Persons

  • : 30 Persons

  • : 50 Persons

  • : 65 Persons

Technical equipment

Technical needs must be specified at least one week prior to your event. A complete list of technical equipment is available upon request.

Basic audio package deal700,-

  • Sound system

  • 1 wired microphone

  • Projector

  • Audio from computer

Small audio package deal1000,-

  • Sound system

  • 2-4 wired microphones

  • Projector

  • Audio from computer

Big audio package deal*1500,-

  • Sound system

  • 5 or more wired microphones

  • 4 wireless microphones

  • Projector

  • Audio from computer

Other needs upon request. *Requires use of one of The House of Literature’s internal technicians, from kr. 2000.
25% VAT is added to the price for all organizations and businesses required to pay VAT. The price list is adjusted by January 1st every year.