Litteraturhusets beboereArtist: Lars Fiske

The Writers’ Loft

The Writers’ Loft is placed on the top floor of the House and offers an open writing space for authors and writers, as well as some private offices. It also provides a common area with sofas, dining table and chairs, a kitchenette and bathrooms. The Writers’ Loft is meant to be a space for writing as well as a place for socializing with other writers and authors. Anyone involved with writing or literary projects can apply for access to The Writers’ Loft at The application must include a motivation letter, personal data and a description of your work / project.

The Loft is made up of 45 writing places in an open office landscape. The entire floor has a wireless network that can be accessed freely, and there is a printer and copier available. The loft works on a first come, first served basis, so the individual places are not personal.

Usage of the Loft is free, except for a registration fee of 200 NOK (also applies for reregistration of outdated users). Lost key cards can be replaced for 200 NOK.


Permanent offices and cells

The writing organizations Norske Barne- og ungdomsforfattere NBU, Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening NFF, Den norske Forfatterforening DnF, Dramatikerforbundet og Oversetterforeningen each have an office and cell for members at their disposition. In addition, Kritikerlaget has a cell. Members can apply for access to these office spaces directly to the respective organizations. Members of the above organizations will automatically gain access to the open office by contacting